Microneedling Course

Learn this highly popular treatment the Skin-Deep Professional Academy way
This indepth course will enable you to gain the necessary practical and theoretical skills
in order to provide professional Micro needling treatments.

Course Content
How to manage your working environment
Code of practice & insurance
Consultation procedure including contra indications
Contra actions to the treatment and aftercare advice
Skin types and skin analysis
Principles and methods micro needling
Microneedling procedure Anatomy and physiology for Micro needling
Wound healing
Pigmentation disorders

Micro needling Course Qualification & Insurance
Our facial and skincare courses at Skin Deep Professional are FULLY
ACREDIDTED by Professional Beauty Direct for insurance and liability on
successful completion of your course you will be issued with your certification to
enable your insurance application to be processed

Entry Requirements
Level 3 General Beauty Therapy

Course Duration – 2 days
Day 1 Online Theory
Day 2 Practical session and case studies

Cost - £475.00 inc VAT
* The course fee includes all materials used in class, course manual, assessment,
certification and lunch. 


Health and Safety: Unit 1
Health And Safety Unit 1 Course Notes
259 KB
Health and Safety Unit 1
15 mins
Contra Indications: Unit 2
Contra Indications Unit 2 Course Notes.pdf
206 KB
Contra Indications Unit 2
14 mins
Skin Analysis: Unit 3
Skin Analysis: Unit 3
23 mins
Skin Analysis Unit 3.pdf
338 KB
Epidermis: Unit 4
Epidermis Unit 4 Course Notes
429 KB
Epidermis Unit 4
16 mins
Dermis: Unit 5
Dermis Unit 5 Course Notes
317 KB
Dermis Unit 5
16 mins
Anatomy and Physiology (Part 1): Unit 6 Course Notes
Anatomy and Physiology Part 1 Course Notes
325 KB
A & P Part 1 Unit 6
16 mins
Anatomy and Physiology (Part 2): Unit 6 Course Notes
Anatomy and Physiology Part 2 Course Notes
336 KB
A & P Part 2 Unit 6
15 mins
Microneedling (Part 1): Unit 7
Microneedling Part 1 Unit 7 Course Notes
291 KB
Overview of micro needling treatments
128 KB
Micro-needling Part 1 Unit 7
14 mins
Microneedling (Part 2 ) Unit 7
Microneedling (Part 2) Unit 7 Course Notes
388 KB
Wound Healing Overview.pdf
111 KB
Micro-needling Part 2 Unit 7
17 mins
Microneedling (Part 3 ) Unit 7
Microneedling Part 3 Unit 7 Course Notes
327 KB
Micro-needling Part 3 Unit 7
14 mins