Understanding Pigmentation by Jody Taylor

Understanding Pigmentation

Pigmentation is one of the hardest conditions to treat and often misunderstood. 
This course gives you the knowledge you need to be able to understand the phsiology and biology of pigmentation disorders. 
A comprehensive course will give you the ability and confidence to prescribe treatment plans and topical homecare regimes for your clients. 

The course includes:

The different photo types and potential risk for pigmentation
Triggers of pigmentation
The differences in pigmentation
Medication effecting pigmentation
Ingredients to promote pigmentation treatments
Pigmentation analysis 
Cell structure and function
Melanocyte transfer


Understanding Pigmentation Part 1
Understanding Pigmentation Part 1 Course Notes.pdf
339 KB
Pigmentation Part 1
18 mins
Understanding Pigmentation Part 2
Understanding Pigmentation Part 2 Course Notes.pdf
378 KB
Pigmentation Part 2
12 mins