Understanding Chemical Peels by Jody Taylor

Understanding Chemical Peels

The Skin specialist today will be carrying out chemical peeling treatments with only manufacturers training, It is an essenstial skill to have full comprehension of the modality you are using and the physiology of the skin and its functions.

This is an extensive unit of learning which covers all aspects of chemical peeling theory to ensure well informed, safe and effective, treatment of all skin types and phototypes. Achieving the confidence to grow your client base and loyalty.

Course Content
The safety considerations when providing chemical peel treatments
How to provide chemical peel treatments
The relevant anatomy, physiology and pathologies for chemical peeling 
Be able to consult, plan and prepare for treatment 
The chemical peeling options 
The chemical peeling ingredients
The chemical peel formulation


Epidermis: Unit 1
Epidermis Course Notes
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Epidermis Unit 1
16 mins
Dermis: Unit 2
Dermis Unit 2
16 mins
Dermis: Course Notes
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Anatomy and Physiology (Part 1): Unit 3 Course Notes
Anatomy and Physiology Part 1 Course Notes
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A & P Part 1 Unit 3
16 mins
Anatomy and Physiology (Part 2): Unit 3 Course Notes
Anatomy and Physiology Part 2 Course Notes
336 KB
A & P Part 2 Unit 3
15 mins
Chemical Peeling: Unit 4
Chemical Peeling Course Notes
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Chemical Peeling Protocol Overview.pdf
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Chemical Peel Unit 4
23 mins