Understanding Microneedling by Jody Taylor

Understanding Microneedling

The Skin specialist today will be carrying out microneedling treatments with only manufacturers training, It is an essenstial skill to have full comprehension of the modality you are using and the physiology of the skin and its functions.

This unit covers all aspects of microneedling theory to give you the confidence to treat clients safely and effectively achieving greater results for your clients and your business.

This course will give you the information you require.

The safety considerations when providing cosmetic skin needling treatments
To be able to consult, plan and prepare for cosmetic skin needling treatment
Ingredients which improve skin condition and help wound healing
Uses and implications of controlled wound healing
The importance of controlled wound healing
The influential factors in the efficiency of wound healing responses
The factors which interfere with wound healing/trauma
Cells involved in wound healing
Pigmentation differences 


Epidermis: Unit 1
Epidermis: Course Notes
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Epidermis Unit 1
16 mins
Dermis: Unit 2
Dermis: Course Notes
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Dermis Unit 2
16 mins
Anatomy and Physiology (Part 1): Unit 3 Course Notes
Anatomy and Physiology Part 1 Course Notes
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A & P Part 1 Unit 3
16 mins
Anatomy and Physiology (Part 2): Unit 3 Course Notes
Anatomy and Physiology Part 2 Course Notes
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A & P Part 2 Unit 3
15 mins
Microneedling (Part 1): Unit 4
Microneedling Part 1: Course Notes
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Overview of micro needling treatments
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Micro-needling Part 1 Unit 4
14 mins
Microneedling (Part 2 ) Unit 4
Microneedling (Part 2): Course Notes
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Wound Healing Overview.pdf
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Wound Healing Part 2 Unit 4
17 mins
Microneedling (Part 3 ) Unit 4
Microneedling Part 3: Course Notes
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Wound Healing Part 3 Unit 4
14 mins