Understanding Wound Healing by Jody Taylor

Understanding Wound Healing

The Skin specialist today will be carrying out many fundamental non ablative treatments. It is a requirement to have full comprehension of the physiology of the skin and its functions.

This unit covers the importance of understanding the wound healing process and how it is relevant to all treatments. 

If you use treatment modalities such as radio frequency, dermal needling, chemical peels, laser and light treatments. This course will give you the information you require. 

The wound healing unit includes:

Ingredients which improve skin condition and help wound healing
Uses and implications of controlled wound healing
The importance of controlled wound healing 
The influential factors in the efficiency of wound healing responses
The factors which interfere with wound healing/trauma structure and functions of the skin
Cell structure and types in the skin
The defensive role of the epidermis and the importance of the natural barrier function (NBF) 


Wound Healing
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Wound Healing
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